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Top 6 Penis Enlargement Forums to follow

Penis Enlargement takes time. You will have lots of questions, doubts and frustrations during your journey. In this post we will list some penis enlargement forums so you can find friends and work together.

Actually this is a bit odd to appear on PEBZ but this is our goal to make PEBZ to be the Number 1 Penis Enlargement Website. We are not afraid of losing you as our VIP reader.

Penis Enlargement Forums

  • Thundersplace
  • PEGym
  • MattersOfSize
  • LPSG
  • AJelqForYou (Reddit)
  • Jelqing (Reddit)

There are more forums around but the above 6 are the biggest. You can get quick answers for anything about penis enlargement.

Comparison of Penis Enlargement Forums


Thundersplace PEGym MattersOfSize LPSG
Domain registration Date 2004-04-08
2006-01-30 2003-04-11 1997-12-26
Traffic Similarweb 1.64 M 1.44 M 446.85 K 4.22 M
Forum Type Main forum Main forum Main forum Sub forum
Membership Free Free Free Free
Localized sub-forums Spanish
Activity on major forum  “Penis Enlargement” Threads 12296 19934 16561 5436
Posts 208701 189012 233740 59446
Activity on sub forum “Progress” Threads 5176 5805 1659 no further sub-forums
Posts 26351 179153 63105 no further sub-forums
AJelqForYou Jelqing
Reddit Subscribers 5 K 1.7 K

Thundersplace screenshot is the one with the top reputation. The best thing of them is the Ad-free environment on the forum.

The site is well organized with sub-forums for almost every topics around penis enlargement, such as:

  • penis extender
  • penis pumps
  • penis enlargement basics
  • injuries and treatments
  • supplements

They are also the only website with Spanish, Italian and French sub-forums. There is also a “global subforum” where you can post in any language, but I think it is a mess 🙂

PEGym screenshot

PEGym is more than a forum. They have a blog section with loads of contents but most of them are not really organized. The website is run heavily on advertisements. They often praise Bathmate.

Recently they have launched an owned penis extender called PEXtender.


mattersofsize screenshot

MattersOfSize (MoS) is actually selling their penis enlargement DVD guide. The free forum is a subsidiary of the product. The website itself is very very outdated but the forum is OK.

The forum itself is running heavily on advertisement as well. They have got some exclusive discount on several penis enlargement devices like Phallosan and Bathmate.


LPSG screenshot

Short form for Large Penis Support Group. It is more a community for men to discuss about penis related stuffs. The Penis Enlargement topic is merely a sub-forum in LPSG.

Some interesting sub-forums:

  • Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy
  • Sex With a Large Penis
  • Fictitious Stories
  • Ask Someone (ask bisexual, ask straight, ask gay, ask a transgender)

Reddit: r/AJelqForYou, r/Jelqing

If you are a reddit user, you should subscribe to AJelqForYou and Jelq. Many redditors post before and after photos of their penis.

What about PEBZ,

This is a tough question. At the time of posting this article, we are still adding contents to the site. We don’t have the resources to develop a forum at the same time, but building a forum is definitely in our roadmap.

Our goal is to turn PEBZ to be the number 1 resource for penis enlargement.


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