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Get Harder Erections with These 5 Powerful Tips

You are looking for tips to get harder erections and maintain a longer lasting erection. You have searched for articles online and most of them teach you to:

  • Lose Weight
  • Do Gym
  • Avoid Stress
  • Stop Drinking
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Stop Watching Porn

Yes. All these works but they are indirect – Following these tips improve your body and set a higher foundation for harder erections, that’s all.

They do not give a direct boost to your weak erection. This article is not repeating the above and I have curated some methods to boost your penile region directly so that harder erection can be made easier, giving you a stronger erection for better sex.

Blood Flow, Nitric Oxide and Hard Erection

Want to get harder erections

Before going deeper, you should make sure you know how to get harder erection. When we are sexually stimulated (by a women, by imagination, or by watching porn), our brain send signals to the penile region using a chemical Nitric Oxide (NO) via the nervous system.

Once the NO arrived the penis in a blink of second, the penile tissue reacts to Nitric Oxide and allow blood to inflow to the penile smooth muscle. When the penile tissue is filled with blood, our penis expands and erect.

When the climax is reached, the whole thing will reverse after ejaculation. NO level drops, blood outflow from the penile region, and your penis shrinks.

Thus, it is obvious to see that Nitric Oxide, Blood Flow and Penile Tissue are the 3 important things to get harder erections.

Below we will discuss 5 methods that improve these three key factors for a hard erection.

1: Using Penis Pumps

Penis pumps, are now recommended by US Urologists as a cure for erectile dysfunction. There is an article on WebMD that talks about how vacuum penile pumping devices (VCD, vacuum constriction device) can help erectile dysfunction, and give patients an erection hard enough for sex.

Penis pump basically consist of a cylinder and a pump. When you put your penis into the tube, you create a vacuum space within the cylinder. The difference in pressure draw blood from the body to the penile region, giving you an erection that last for about 30 minutes.

Since this is more a physical cure, the result is not permanent. People usually combine penis pumping with other method to achieve a longer lasting effect.

There are now water-based hydro pumps to replace the original air penis pumps. Using water penis pumps do not need to use lubricant, and it gives a more distributed pressure over the penis. Bathmate is one of the most popular water-based penis pump on the market.

2: Jelqing

Jelqing are penis enlargement exercises. Mayoclinic refers it to exercises using hand-over-hand motion to push blood from the base to the head of your penis. The basic form of any jelqing exercise is to stretch a half-erected penis with a OK-grip from the shaft.

Throughout jelqing exercise routines, the size of your penile tissue will increase. There will be more room for the penis to store more blood during an erection. This is why you can get harder erection by doing jelqs.

There are techniques involved in jelqing and to minimize the risk of injury, please head over to this jelqing exercise introduction before you start any PE exercise.

3: Kegels

Kegel exercise improve your ability to delay ejaculation. It trains the pelvic floor muscle which is the key factor for ejaculation. If you can hold ejaculation under strong stimulation, you hold more blood in the penis. In turn, you get harder erections.

Urologist also commented on the benefits of Kegel Exercises on erections.

Kegel exercises for men can help improve bladder control and possibly improve sexual performance.

I highly recommend everyone to do Kegels and turn it to a habit for long term sexual heath! There is a Kegel routine on PEBZ website so make sure you read it.

4: Edging

Edging is another technique to improve your ability to delay ejaculation. Similar to Kegel exercise, edging exercise helps you to hold ejaculation under strong stimulation. It also helps you to get harder erection by keeping more blood within the penis.

Edging is often referred as “peaking”, “surfing”, “start-stop”, “stop-start” and “9-5 technique”. All of these names are talking about this act:

Masturbate until you are very close to climax, and stop all movements before you cum. Wait and resume when the sensation fades.

Penis Edging is one of the methods to get harder erections

This can be very difficult because ejaculation is the raw message from our body. We have to make huge effort to stop it mentally and physically. I personally need to squeeze the pelvic floor muscle (the one Kegels is training) to help stopping the orgasm.

Once you overcome the tricks for edging, things get interesting! You can intensify the sensation at climax, and prolonged erection time. You can also get harder erection because your arousal is kept at max level for extended time.

5: Taking Supplements


Male Enhancement SupplementsMany people dislike male enhancement supplements. They will immediately shout out “Scams!” when they see the phrase. However, even GNC is also selling these ingredients.

What I see is that many male supplement manufacturer combined active male enhancement ingredients and increased the dosage for maximum benefits.

Are they really scam? I bet not. The active ingredients in many male enhancement supplement are able to:

  • increase nitric level
  • increase blood flow of the body
  • reduce histamine level to delay ejaculation

These ingredients pinpoint the key factors for harder erections so I think they should work. Some of the important nutrients are:

L-Arginine is a precursor of Nitric Oxide.

Ellagic Acid is able to improve blood circulation in your body.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) is also able to support body blood flow.

L-Methionine can reduce your desire to orgasm, helping you delay ejaculation.

Damiana is a natural plant extract which can improve blood flow.

Hawthorn Berry is able to stimulate blood flow to your penis.

Maca can increase testosterone level which is vital for better erections.

Tongkat Ali is a well-known plants in Malaysia which can also increase testosterone.

Male Extra and VigRX Plus are two popular names in male enhancement pills. They are packed with rich amount of these ingredients. You should really check them out when you are ready to take enhancement pills.

You can also combine with your daily diet to get more nutrients that are good for erections. Read this article for the 20 foods that are good for harder erections.

Indicator for Harder Erection

People in the penis enlargement community have introduced a term “Erection Quality”, or EQ in short.

They try to quantify and measure the overall health of your penis. Some major indicator for Erection Quality are:

  • Frequency of erections
  • Hardness of erections
  • Ease of erections
  • Duration of the erection
  • Ease of keeping an erection
  • Refractory period (How long does it take to erect again after an ejaculation)
  • Night and morning wood

Mark positive or negative to each section, record every day. It is normal to have some ups and downs. For example, it is completely normal if only 1 to 2 indicator are negative while the others are still positive.

Stay alert if MANY or ALL of the indicators go negative. This is the true sign of poor erection quality. You need to rest, adjust your routine, or stay away from any penis routines for a while. Keep monitor the EQ over time and resume the routines when the positive indicators are back again.

Takeaways for You to Get Harder Erections

The post is quite long and I hope you are still with me. As a summary, to get harder erections, you should follow the foundation tips found elsewhere, and my 5 powerful tips above.

These Foundation Tips can improve your overall body status. You need a well prepared body for hard erections!

  • Lose Weight
  • Do Gym
  • Avoid Stress
  • Stop Drinking
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Stop Watching Porn

My 5 Tips are focusing on the key factors for harder erections: Nitric oxide level, blood flow to penis and the penile tissue.

  1. Use Penis Pumps to push more blood to the penile region.
  2. Do Jelq to enlarge your penis and make room to store more blood.
  3. Form a habit for Kegels to delay ejaculation.
  4. Regularly do Edging to control your orgasm.
  5. Take Male Enhancement Supplements if necessary, to give a boost in nitric oxide level and blood circulation.

Watch and listen to your Erection Quality (EQ) during your routines for better erections.

Finally, enjoy the journey to get harder erection and a bigger penis!

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