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The History of Penis Exercises

The History of Penis Exercises
For centuries, men have been trying to make their penises larger.  This is due to men comparing their
penis to others and desiring to be the largest.  As a result, men have devised methods and procedures
to increase the size of their penis.
Penis Enlargement Exercises
One of the most common methods for increasing the size of a man’s penis was to hang weights from
their scrotum.  This would stretch the penis and provide the man with a longer penis.   However, this
method would also create thinner penis because it only stretches the penis not widening it.  Men
would also experience tears in tissue and poor circulation.  This damage would lead to a man’s inability
to have and hold an erection.
Another method used to enlarge a penis is with a penis pump.  This device creates a vacuum on the
penis increasing the size of the penis by forcing more blood into the tissues of the penis.  The increase
is temporary and many men are unable to achieve an erection without the use of the pump.
Modern Enlargement Exercises
Multiple enlargement exercises exist where men can perform to increase the size and girth of their
penis.  Some of exercises include jelqing and kegeling.  The first process, jelqing, increases the size and
girth of the penis by increase the amount of blood that the penis tissues can hold. The second process,
kegeling, strengthens the muscle that controls the hardness of the erection and the ejaculation
By working this muscle men are able to have longer, harder erections without experiencing premature
ejaculation.  There are additional exercises that will safely increase the size of your penis in addition to
those listed above.
Enlargement Exercises & MaleExtra
Men that have been using enlargement exercises notice that by using MaleExtra while exercising, they
were able to see much faster results.  This increase is due to the natural ingredients that are contained
in MaleExtra.
Each pill has 1500mg of natural ingredients that improve a man’s penis and sexual performance.  The
main ingredients in this supplement are pomegranate 70% ellagic (nature’s Viagra) and L-Arginine,
which is an amino acid that breaks down into nitric oxide producing harder erections.  In addition to
these main ingredients, the pills contain:
*    Muira Pauma,
*    Methyl Sulfonyl
*    Methane,
*    Epimedium Sagittatum,
*    Tongkat Ali,
*    Flaxseed,
*    Maca,
*    and more!
These ingredients will increase the blood flow to the penis, the frequency of sexual desires, sexual
stamina, erections are harder and the health of the penis will improve.
By using MaleExtra when performing enlargement exercises, every man will receive the increase in
girth, size and sexual performance that they desire.  Don’t live another moment with an inferior penis
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