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Male Extra Review

Male Extra Harder Erection Pill

Male Extra is one of the leading male enhancement pill in the market. Over 150,000 men is using Male Extra for better sex since 2007.

It is a natural sexual improving pill with herbal formula. Each pill of Male Extra contains strong dose of L-Arginine HCL & pomegranate ellagic acid. Male Extra is clinically proven and the company is confident to offer 60 days money back guarantee for every customers.

Benefits of using Male Extra

  • Enlarge your penis and erctions by up to 3 inches in length and in girth
  • Achieve bigger, harder and more intense erections
  • Improve your sex drive & libido for wilder sex
  • Super-charge your sex life like never before!

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Male Extra Erection Pills

  • Pill Category: Erection enhancing pill
  • Key Benefits: Gives you harder erection and penis enlargement up to 3 inches
  • Our rating: The best male erection pill

Male Extra Review

Male Extra is a natural male enhancement pill formulated with strong dose of potent herbal ingredients. All these ingredients combined to provide you more intense erection and enlarge your penis by up to 3 inches.


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Male Extra is safe

Male Extra is made from potent and nutrient enriched organic ingredients. Since it is a non prescription pill, you can obtain it over the counter.

Male Extra is 100% natural food supplement making it free from allergens, preservatives or fillers. (I.e. No synthetic chemicals like Viagra. )

i.e. You don’t have to worry about health hazards or unpleasant side effects.

Male Extra in action

Male Extra is loaded with active nutrients that are known to be able to improve your sex drive, boost your libido, and harden your erection.

Every tablet of Male Extra equips your penis with a 1300mg serving size, so that your penis is ready for an endured all-night sex, or the PenisHealth exercises.

Take a look on the key ingredients

  • Pomegranate (40% ellagic acid) 500mg
    • A natural Viagra. It can increase the nitric oxide level in the body which is known to increase the hardness of erection, and the permeability of penile blood vessels.
  • L-arginine 600mg
    • L-arginine is related to harder erections by diluting blood vessels to penile erectile tissue

A full list of active ingredients (including quantity) and their functions are published at the official Male Extra website.


Click here to see all the active nutrients at the official website.

Make sure you know how superior ingredients used in Male Extra!

The guarantee

60 days money back guarantee

Read more about the refund policy here

Male Extra 60 Days Money Back Policy summary:

  1. Return the unused bottles in the original container within 67 days (60 days trial plus 1 week shipping)
  2. Receive 100% of the product price less shipping fees.

The Male Extra package

The most popular package of  Male Extra (as of 2016) contains:

  1. 4 bottles of Male Extra
  2. 2 FREE extra bottles of Male Extra
  3. FREE Erection Gel – Pro Erection Gel
  4. 60 days money back guarantee
  5. Free Shipping

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Male Extra accepted order types

Male Extra Payment Methods

  • VISA (Debit or Credit Card)
  • VISA Electron (Debit or Credit Card)
  • MasterCard (Debit or Credit Card)
  • PayPal
  • American Express


Where To Buy Male Extra

Male Extra is only available at its official website:

Visit Male Extra Official Website

It offers free shipping to United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, France, extended countries in the European zone, South America, Africa and Asia (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more).

I.E., Free Shipping on ALL orders worldwide.

Worldwide Shipping for FREE

Customer Care

Live Chat, Telephone and Email support are available to answer and clarify all your enquiries.

  • Live Chat on website
  • Worldwide Toll Free (English Speaking): +1 646 568 9679  (Code: 100593)
  • Email Support : Submit a support ticket

Pros & Cons

Male Extra is almost perfect, the good things about Male Extra in my view:

  • Huge bonus for a complete male enhancement and sex improvement.
  • Attractive pricing.
  • 1500mg of active ingredients per serving.
  • Full disclosure of ingredients and quantity.
  • Free shipping on any orders worldwide.
  • Double packed discreet shipping.


  • Available online only.
  • Small orders are not as attractive as volume orders.

Our choice of erection enhancement pill

We choose Male Extra as our best rated pill, because it offers the best value. It does not mean that it is the lowest priced, but the package is the most generous.

Visit the official website of our top rated erection pillVisit the official website of our choice of erection pill

Priced from $64.95 per box, and there are multi-buy discounts and huge bonuses on volume orders, Male Extra provides more value than any other enhancement pills on the market.

No competitor can beat Male Extra’s strong dose of nutrients, full disclosure of ingredients data with quantity, and their generous bonus.

Critics and reviewers are notably impressed by the quality and results achieved by Male Extra coining it the

  • #1 male enhancement pill of the year”, and
  • “The best Male Enhancement product in more than 7 years”

It’s clear to see that Male Extra is the best male enhancement pill and penis enlargement system ever created!

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