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Phallosan Review

Phallosan Extender

Phallosan Extender
  • Extender Type: Stretching belt with controlled partial vacuum.
  • Key Benefits: Non-surgical penis enlargement and straightening.
  • Our rating: An extender with reputation.

Phallosan Extender Review

Phallosan is a patented penis stretching extender. Phallosan is different from any extenders on the market. It is designed with maximum safety and comfort.

The device successfully combines the two well-known techniques for penis enlargement: stretching and vacuum pumping. Many articles and resources say that penis pumps are dangerous, and Phallosan has successfully overcomed this problem.

Phallosan is featured on several media and appeared on a few medical congresses and reports.

Phallosan is available only at its official website.Visit ProSolution Pills Official Website


  • Painless.
  • Permanently increase penis size in both length and girth.
  • Cure for penis curvature and Peyronies disease.
  • Penis enlargement on small penis.
  • Improvement on slight Erectile dysfunction

Phallosan is safe

Phallosan extender is a clinically proven device. It is manufactured according to the requirements of European health authories and  is classified to be class 1.

Phalloasn comes with a mechanism which is able to protect your penis from injuries in terms of over-stretching and over-depressurized due to incorrect use of pump.

Phallosan is painless in action meaning the use of Phallosan is worry free. You can even wear it overnight.

View the clinical studies of Phallosan at the official website.

Phallosan in action

Stretching and vacuum pumping are the two foundation of Phallosan. A continuous, gentle stretching with a constant force is introduced to the penis, stimulating penile tissue to create new cells for enlargement. Although Phallosan is also based on traction, it actually works quite differently with the other penis size extenders.

The vacuum pump that comes with Phallosan makes it special.

This pump is used with the stretch condom and a silicon vacuum protector. The Phallosan team call it the Soft-Power method.

The Phallosan team said that the protector cap is able to reduce high-tension due to incorrect use. The soft-power method works very well in minizing potential injuries, for instance, swelling, redness and blistering.

Phallosan is also designed to be user-friendly. It is quite easy to use:

  1. Lay the template around the flaccid penis shaft.
  2. Remove the appropriate suction bell from the sealed wrapping.
  3. Slip the protector cap over the glans as shown in the instructions for use with pictures.
  4. Now insert the ensheathed penis into the suction bell with the aid of the suction bulb.
  5. Roll the special sealing condom over the penis shaft.
  6. Remove the suction bulb from the suction bell.
  7. Connect the suction bell to the clip on the belt.

Phallosan can be worn painlessly for up two 12 hours day

Click here to learn more about the principles of Phallosan.

The Phallosan profile

  1. Clinically provem to be safe and effective. There are no side effects in using Phallosan.
  2. Painless enlargement
  3. Works for various penile issues. Learn more.
  4. Discreetly worn beneath your clothing. Totally hidden under jeans.
  5. Return guarantee
  6. A German company.
  7. Available worldwide.

More information is provided in the FAQ. Click here to read.

The guarantee

180 days money back guarantee Read more about the refund policy here

Pros & Cons

Phallosan is very promising. We have gathered a few good and bad features of Phallosan.

  • Patented device with several certificates.
  • Clinically proven for safety and effective.
  • Good disclosure of company and product information.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Plain and discreet packaging.
  • No discount code for further price cut.
  • No bonus.
  • Available online only.
  • No free shipping. US$19/£13/€15
  • Only a single product. Not bundled with sex improvement guides or exercise program.

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