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Penis Extender vs Penis Pump. In Depth Comparison

Penis extender and penis pumps are two types of penis enlargement devices to increase your penis size. Many people do not know which one to use in their PE routine. In this article we will discuss penis extender vs penis pump so you can make a better decision.

Penis Extender vs Penis Pump, Summary Comes First

Long story short, for people who wants a quick read of the article, here is a comparison table for penis extender and penis pump.

They have different goals in PE but both penis extenders and penis pumps are not scams. Thousands of people have already achieved permanent enlargement results.

Penis Extender Penis Pump
Penis Enlargement Penis Length Penis Girth
Appearance Penis Extender Penis Pump
Proven Method Penis Extender is a proven method No
Permanent Results Permanent gains in penis length Gains are somehow temporarily
Fast Results No. It takes at least 1-2 months to see gains Almost immediate gains
Usage A bit difficult to use Easy to use
Session Duration Long. 4-6 hours per day Short, around 15 minutes per day
Convenience No. Penis extender is a bit difficult to hide under clothes No. People usually use penis pumps during shower

Comparison Table: Penis Extender vs Penis Pump

PEBZ recommendation: Use Both! Or, firstly look for increasing penis length with penis extender, then use penis pumps to increase penis girth.


Penis Extender

A Basic Penis Extender
A Basic Penis Extender

Penis extender is a simple traction device which stretch your penis using physical force. By adding the length bars to the extender, you actively lengthen the penile tissue and force it to adapt to the new environment – the length you choose.

See how to wear SizeGenetics, a penis extender in the video below:

Pros of Penis Extender

  • Proved method to increase penis length.
  • An average of 1 inch can be increased permanently with a longer term (at least 2 months) use of penis extender.
  • Relatively safer to use than penis pump.
  • Less attention is needed during use

Cons of Penis Extender

  • Penis Extender is known to gain less girth
  • No immediate result – stretching takes time to gain length
  • A bit complicated to wear
  • Difficult to hide under clothing
  • Longer wearing sessions per day

Penis Pump

A Basic Penis Pump
A Basic Penis Pump

Penis pump is a tube where one side is connected to a pumping device, and an open end on the other side for your penis. After you put your penis into the tube, squeeze out the air or water inside the tube, causing a pressure different and bring blood to the the penile region.

Watch this video to see a real action of penis pumping using Bathmate.


Pros of Penis Pump

  • Penis pump can increase penis girth effectively
  • Increase blood flow to penis for stronger erection
  • Fast result
  • Easy to use
  • Short sessions per day (15-20 minutes)

Cons of Penis Pump

  • Penis Pumps are known to give less gains in penis length
  • Increase in girth is somehow temporarily. Combination of other penis enlargement technique is needed to maintain the gains.
  • Over-pumping or incorrect use can cause serious damage to the penis


Penis Extender vs Penis Pump. Which one should you use?

In my opinion, if you are looking for a permanent increase in penis size, you should really go for penis extender. Although more effort is needed for seeing results, you will get a longer, larger penis in the long term. It boosts your self-confidence!

Once you get a larger penis, start looking for increasing penis girth for better sex!

After-all, it still depends on your penis enlargement objective and your budget.

Takeaways – Here are recommendations if you choose either method:

Penis Extender

There are many penis extender available but the most popular penis extender is SizeGenetics. It is available on the market for more than 10 years and they are offering a 200% money back guaranteed refund on unsuccessful cases.

As of today, the price of the SizeGenetics is ranged from US$150-US$300. It may cost a bit more than the other penis extenders on the market, but considering the money back guarantee offer, it is still worth trying.

Remember only buy SizeGenetics from official website as there are many low quality counterfeits. Quick link official website:

SizeGenetics Official site

Penis Pump

Penis Pumps are relatively new to the market (when comparing to extenders) but there are already two generations: Air pump and water pump.

Most people will buy water penis pumps as they are much safer then air pumps. The Bathmate water pump series are the most popular among all. Since 2007, there are 3 generations of Bathmate.

Old name: Bathmate Hercules, Bathmate Hydromax X-series, Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme

Since 2018, the Bathmate company renamed the lineup: Bathmate Hydro, Hydromax and HydroXtreme.

Similar to SizeGenetics, there are a lot of low quality fake pumps, so please only buy Bathmate penis pumps from the official website:

Bathmate Official Website