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8 Penis Enlargement Facts You Need to Know

Get a bigger penis is a tempting thing for all men. There are lots of myths and stories about this topic, some of them are true, but most of them are fake. The most important penis enlargement fact is, we can enlarge our penis.

If you want to get a bigger brother, there are some truth about penis enlargements you need to know before jumping in. We want to have a bigger dick to show off, to please girls on bed, and be more confident.

There are a lot of websites about penis enlargement on the web and basically you can group into a few categories

  • Pills
  • Penis Exercise
  • Devices

Since there is a huge gap of information imbalance, false claims and advertising are all around. Some websites only mention the good things about PE, but they are not telling all the penis enlargement facts to readers.

Disclaimer: I have a small penis and I am on PE. I have been collecting knowledge of PE from the web and here are some important penis enlargement facts you need to know.

8 Facts about Penis Enlargement Every Men Must know

Penis Enlargement is Like Body Building

If you want to get a six pack abs, you have to workout extensively. You need to pinpoint the most important things about the abdomen: muscle and body fat. With discipline and strong motivation, you can say goodbye to the belly, and welcome your new six-pack abs.

Penis Enlargement Exercise - Just Like Gym

Our penile tissue is no difference. The smooth muscle of our penis, corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum, when stretched, will create micro-tears. Our body will grow new cells to repair the tears.

If we regularly do penis exercise, apply stretch and push the limits of the penile tissue, our penis will develop more new cells to adapt to the situation. This will help you enlarge your penis.

Penis Anatomy. Penis Enlargement Facts: You can train it

The actual enlargement result varies from person to person, as this somehow depends on your genetics. Some people are born with stronger muscles, and some people gain measurements at a slower pace.

The theory of penis exercise aiming at gaining size is true and there are successful stories.

Penis Enlargement Involves Risk

Before you begin, please understand that hanging, pumping or stretching your penis may hurt.


Common minor injuries

  • Bruises & Blisters
  • Rashes
  • Skin Discolouration
  • Thrombosed Veins
  • Strained ligaments
  • Lymphatic Fluid Build Up
  • Decline in erection frequency and / or quality

Serious injury, rare but not impossible

  • Damage to blood vessels
  • Penile fracture
  • Erectile dysfunction

As a responsible writer, I would like to take this chance to remind you to think twice whether you are serious enough for a bigger penis.

Indeed, there are a lot of beginner PE exercise routines that are less intensive, giving less pressure to your penis.

Most injuries from jelqing (manual penis exercise) are due to over enthusiasm for quick gains. Penis enlargement requires patience. The actual scenario is that, if you follow the routines strictly or get a professional coach for penis enlargement, you can actually minimize the risk of injuries to a great extent.

Safety is the always no. 1. We have only one penis in our life, don’t hurt your dick!

PE Coach

I mentioned coach in the previous paragraph. One famous coach is Big Al. He is a specialist in penis enlargement with 18+ years of experience. He has published a few books about male enhancement methods.

Big Al is now accepting clients on his website. If you want to seek professional advices and have him tailor made a good penis enlargement routine for you, please visit Big Al’s coaching website.

Penis Enlargement is Free

We talked about the smooth muscle in the penile region in section 1, and this is the foundation behind penis enlargement – our penis can be trained to grow.

People developed a few penis enlargement exercises aiming at growing the length and the girth of our penis. The best part of it is, we only need our hands to perform PE. No special equipments are needed! The best thing is that, penis enlargement can be completely free. 

Most experienced people recommend manual penis exercise for beginners. These beginner workout routines are easy to follow, and the intensity is not strong – Start light in PE allow you to build up experience and technique, as well as listen to the response of your penis towards jelq, stretch and pressure.

Start effective penis enlargement workout for free, with our hands only. Take the beginner routine as they are much safer to follow.

Penis Enlargement Takes Time

Penis enlargement is not a next-day-magic. This is the 4th truth about penis enlargement you need understand.

Penis enlargement takes a long time

While many people start to see gains in as early as 6-10 weeks, it may not work for every one. There are people spent two years gaining nothing.

This may be a genetics issue, the heritage of your DNA is not very responsive to PE exercise, or you are not doing enough.

The guys doing very well in the gains spend a lot of time in their routines. Many of them have already committed years on their PE workout.

In short, there is no need to jealous on others’ gain. PE results vary from person to person. It takes a lot of commitment and just focus on your own progress.

Follow the Routines in Penis Enlargement. Stick to the Plan strictly

There are many beginner routines of penis enlargement exercises around. You don’t have to search for “the best routine” as it does not exist. Don’t give up on any routine because penis enlargement takes time (I repeat!)

Similar to going to gym, make sure you warm-up before jelq, and warm-down after a PE session. These two are the most important things in all routines because it reduces the risk of injury. (I repeat again: Safety!)


Follow strictly a workout routine should allow you to perform safety, and have a comfort feeling. It should not be intense and you should not get hurt easily with these initial workout.

Once you see your PE gain slows down with the beginner routine, you may consider other advanced routines or try penis enlargement devices for all-day stretching (ADS).

Penis Enlargement Devices are Categorized

You may want to look for other tools to help with your PE journey, especially when you face a slow-gain period in PE, or you want to free up your hands from jelq.

There are a few proven devices for penis enlargement.

  • Extender
    • Penis extenders stretches your penis. It is a proven method to help you gain penis length. Using extender can free up your hands so you can do PE stretch while working in front of the computer or watching TV.
    • A popular penis extender is SizeGenetics. Please visit this page if you want to learn more.
  • Pumps
    • Penis pumps focus on girth. There are two types of pumps available: Vacuum & Water. It is generally safe if you are not pushing the limits very hard.
    • Bathmate is a vacuum penis pump with popularity since 2015. You can visit the official website of Bathmate.
  • Hanger
    • Penis hanging is a very advanced thing. Not for beginners as more risk involved.

There are many products in the market and I will cover them in the other articles.

Only Buy Devices from Official Websites, If You Really Want to Buy

You may find a lot of cheap devices from amazon, ebay or other marketplaces. They are very attractive in price, usually more than 50% off from the official website.

Too good to be true. I do not recommend my readers to buy from these supplier as they maybe selling fake goods.

These cheap penis extenders are usually of low-quality. It may work but usually end up with penis injuries. Many people report that cheap penis extenders are painful to wear, and they cannot provide proper tension to your penis.

A wise action is to buy from the official website only.

After All, Penis Health is Far More Important than Size

We have covered several topics about penis enlargement, including Theory, Risk, Your Expectation, Time, Cost and Tools. I will cover more topic details in other articles but, I hope you have gained an overall knowledge about penis enlargement.

Try to get a balance between gain and safety while you are pushing to the limits.
Try to get a balance between gain and safety while you are pushing to the limits.

As a summary to this article, I hope readers understand these penis enlargement facts:

  • PE takes very long time and requires a lot of commitment.
  • There is risk involved in penis enlargement and the gains in penis length or girth varies person to person.
  • Do not expect to see gains in a short period of time.
  • We can perform PE workouts for free with our bare hands.
  • Penis devices are for advanced routines or free up your hands.
  • There are cheap devices in the market but they are usually of low quality. It is recommended to buy devices from the official websites.
  • The Final words: PE Safely!

Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below!