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JP90 Routine for Beginners – Summary & Result

This article covers details of a penis enlargement exercise named JP90 Routine. If you are new to penis enlargement, I recommend you to read our introduction to penis enlargement first.

About the JP90 Routine for Beginners

JP90 is Jelq

JP90 is an routine for penis enlargement (PE Exercise) developed by JonPop in 2004. It is actually a routine of jelqing exercise focusing at gaining both length and girth of penis.

The full name of JP90 is “JP 90 Days Beginner Routine“. The JP90 routine is considered basic, simple and generally safe to follow.

Who is JonPop?

JonPop is a “retired Senior Administrator” of PEGym and he is no longer active in the forum. JonPop joined the forum in 2008 and his last reply on the forum is on Nov/24/2015.

JonPop is well-known for creating the famous PE exercise routine – JP90.

JonPop with JP90

At the time of JonPop published the JP90 routine (Feb/13/2008), he has already doing the routine for 16 months (1 year, 4 months).

JonPop said that he achieved a 1.5 inch gain in BPEL (bone pressed erect length) over the first 90 days.

JonPop’s result with 16 months of JP90 Routine
Length 2.25 Inch (5.71 cm)
Girth 1.5 Inch (3.81 cm)

Since the JP90 routine is clearly described and with promising results, it’s popularity grew quickly and JP90 is now the most recommended PE routine for most beginners.

Link to JP90’s official page

If you would like to read the original words for the JP90 routine, please proceed to PEGym at this link:

However, the forum thread is huge! There are over 540 pages. I doubt you would spend time on it so please enjoy the summary below.

TL;DR – The Summary

I have read through the pages and curated other sources to write this summary. I hope it is useful to you.

Always remember these before going deeper:

  • Penis enlargement takes time – it won’t give you results overnight!
  • Listen to your body, don’t push yourself too hard
  • Stop if you feel pain

Details of the JP90 Beginners Routine

Step 1: Warm up

Warm up is the most important thing to do in every exercises, it reduces the risk of injury.

You will need a wet, hot cloth to warm your penile region for about 10 minutes. This is to warm the ligaments so that they are ready to be stretched.

Step 2: Stretch

The stretching in this Step2 is to loosen up the penile region. You will have a longer flaccid length after the stretch. This is to prepare for the jelq.

  1. Keep your penis flaccid (the less erection the better), stretch out slightly and do “helicopter shake” – rotate quickly at about 5 rev per second for 20 rounds.
  2. Do 25 quick Kegel exercise while holding your penis with the OK Grip.
  3. Pull the penis straight out and do 10 stretches in a big circle to the left and another 10 stretches to the right.
  4. Do 20 helicopter shake again
  5. Do another 25 quick Kegel
  6. Pull the penis straight out and do 10 stretches in a big circle to the left and another 10 stretches to the right.
  7. 20 helicopter shakes
  8. 25 quick Kegel
  9. 10 big circles stretches to the left & 10 big circles to the right
  10. 20 helicopter shakes
  11. 25 quick Kegel
  12. 10 big circles stretches to the left & 10 big circles to the right
  13. Finish the warm up with 20 helicopter shakes.

Step 3a: Wet Jelq

You will need to use a lubricant with wet jelq. It is OK to use any of them: KY liquid or vitamin E gel. Just pick the one you like better.

Step 3b: V Jelq

After the Wet Jelq, do the V-Jelq. It changes the posture of your hand, to stimulate different region of your penis.


The basic form of V-jelq
The basic form of V-jelq

You will also need to use lubricants for this move. Use your right hand, form a Cup-shape with the basic form and your palm facing yourself. Then put your penis at the V-shape between your middle & 4th finger.

Slide your hand from your shaft towards the glans. Then repeat with your left hand.

There are 3 directions to slide your hand: Pull straight, pulling to the right, and pulling to the left. Do all of them for 30 reps each.


Do 50 Wet-Jelq + 30 V-Jelq (pull straight) + 30 V-Jelq (pull right) + 30 V-Jelq (pull left), and repeat 3 times.

So for one session, do these:

150 Wet-Jelq + 90 V-Jelq (pull straight) + 90 V-Jelq (pull right) + 90 V-Jelq (pull left)

Step 4: Cool down

The cool down session is very important, it reduces the risk of injury so make sure you cool down every time.

The steps to cool down is actually the same as warming up:

Use a wet, hot cloth to warm your penile region for about 10 minutes.

Important Note

After you have done 5 days consecutively, take two full resting days. Don’t perform any PE exercises in the rest days.

Similar to muscle training, we are training the penile tissue so we need to give time to the penis to heal, to adapt and to grow.

Kegel exercise should be on-going. Do kegels when you are walking on the street, driving a car, working in front of the computer, whenever you think about it.


JP90 also recommended some natural supplements (Not Penis Enlargement Pills!)

  • Super B Complex
  • Multi vitamin and minerals
  • L-arginine 500mg

There are a few reputable male enhancement pills that are known for their nutrient rich ingredients. You can visit our shop section to check them out.


Want more guidance?

If you are not confident with following just guides, you may want to get a mentor to work with you. Big Al is a respected expert in penis enlargement and you can appoint him to develop a tailor made routine for you. You may visit MeCOACH website for more details.


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