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What is Jelqing exercise? Is jelqing safe? Does it really enlarge penis?

Jelqing is the foundamental to almost all penis enlargement exercises. Penis enlargement is true, and is free with jelqing exercise. This article summarized the most complete information on the Internet.

If this is your first read about jelqing or penis enlargement, you may want to start at the PEBZ frontpage first

What is Jelqing?

Exercises. Sometimes called jelqing, these exercises use a hand-over-hand motion to push blood from the base to the head of your penis.

Do you masturbate? Jelqing is similar to masturbate. You regularly shaft-stroke your penis to stretch the penis tissue to cause micro tears. When the penile tissue recovers, the overall penis will gain in size.

OK Grip

A very basic jelqing exercise is to stretch a half-erected penis with a OK-grip from the shaft. Since the idea is to push more blood through the penis, we do not want to get a full erection. Stop jelqing when your penis is fully erected.

If your penis is curved/bent, a side jelqing technique may help you straighten it as well.


Does Jelqing work?

This is probably the first question you will ask. I have made a summary from the discussion threads of a few penis enlargement forums.

There are actually both positive and negative results.


How does it help Penis Enlargement?

1. Jelqing brings blood to the penile region. Nutrients in blood are delivered into penile tissues and they are very important to cell growth.

2. It helps increasing the girth of your penis. Gains in length are also reported and this is probably due to the pulling-nature of jelq.

3. Jelqing gives men stronger and harder erection. This is the first sign you will experience – harder erection is always good for sex!


Successful Penis Enlargement

There are many successful stories reported on various forums and communities and this is one I have found. In the photo below, rammln trained for around 10 months and achieved a 4cm gain in BPEL length.

Jelqing Result (Before & After)
Photo curated from the web. Credits to [email protected]

According to rammlm, he had his PE exercise in 4 stages. Each stage are of different routines and every one of them include a warm up, the jelq, and cool down.

This is a very impressive result! Before we jump start jelqing, there are still a few things and precautions to understand.


Is it safe to jelq?

Jelqing is generally safe because the only tool you need is your hands. You should really stop if you feel uncomfortable or pain. Jelqing should not be painful even if you are close to the limit.

Commonly seen afflictions or injuries related to jelqing or penis enlargement, from common to rare:

  • Red spots
  • Bruising
  • Rashes
  • Thrombosed veins
  • Strained ligaments
  • Decrease in sensitivity
  • Difficulty in maintaining hard erections
  • Minor to medium pain during erection
  • Peyronie’s Disease
  • Broken Penis

You should not be scared if your desire for a stronger penis is strong enough, but it is always appropriate to seek proper guidance from experts. Read to the bottom of this article and you may want to get Big Al as your penis enlargement coach.

We will discuss in more details on penile injury due to PE exercise in another article.


How to jelq correctly and properly

Here I describe the most common and the most recommended routine – the JP90 PE routine for beginners.

The Warm Up

Similar to any exercise, we need to warm up the penile region. Warm up reduce the risk of injury and this is the most important part of the whole routine.

This is actually quite simple – wrap the penis in a hot (not burning) washcloth or towel for around 10 minutes. The washcloth may lose heat quickly, keep it hot with warm water.

The Stretch – Helicopter Shake

After the static warmup with heat, we should prepare our penis further. At a flaccid state (as soft as possible), grab the base of your penis and pull out a little bit with the OK Grip, and shake the penis around in circles.

Wet Jelqing

Apply lubricant or lotions at both your shaft and both hands, with your right hand form a OK Grip with palm facing down at the base of your penis. Slide up your OK Grip to the glans and hold.

At the same time, form another OK Grip with your left hand. Release your right hand and slide up your left hand. This is 1 rep and it should not be too fast, 4 seconds per rep is a optimal speed.

At a half-erected state, do the wet jelq for 50 reps. If the erection gets hard, pause for a while. You should be jelqing a half-erected penis.


Do the V Jelq as the illustration below, for 30 reps. You will need to use a lot of lubricant and it is a very great exercise for head girth, overall girth and stretching.

V Jelq illustration
V Jelq illustration by thisismyname2

As a summary, every time you do this routine, do (50 Wet Jelq + 30 V Jelq) and repeat for 3 times.

That’s a total of 150 Wet Jelq and 90 V Jelq.

The Warming down

Do the warm down every time – this reduce the odds of injuring your penis!

Similar to the Warm up phase, wrap your penis with hot washcloth for 5 minutes.


It is recommended to follow a normal work week: Do the exercise for 5 continuous days, and take 2 full days break and restart.

However, if you don’t have that time, you can still work on a 2 exercising days and 1 full day off schedule.

Day offs are needed because you need to allow your penis to heal and grow, and at the same time, keep the Kegel exercise non-stop!

Videos of jelqing

I don’t produce any videos but there are tonnes of jelq videos on YouTube. I have attached a few here so that you can get a quick view of how jelqing is done. Note that you may need to sign-in your YouTube account as most of these videos are classified as 18+.

While the one above demonstrated with cucumber, this one is a real jelq.



Seek for help on any PE issues

In your journey to penis enlargement, you will encounter many questions and issues. These obstacles can easily make you give up.

You may normally ask on forums. Forums are full of personal opinions and experiences. It generally makes you more confused.

For a professional advice, I recommend joining a membership club such as John Collin’s PE Bible.  You can email John on any issues you encounter.

Recently, penis enlargement expert, AJ ‘Big Al’ Alfaro launched a 1-on-1 coaching service (meCOACH) on penis enlargement at a small monthly fee. I find it quite attractive because a personal coach can answer your problems quickly.

As you should have read above, penis enlargement requires dedication. You may get frustrated when you hit the wall at some stages. A coach can share his experience and help you overcome the frustration.

Big Al and his team is offering a risk free trial on his coaching service. Try penis enlargement coach for 2 months free.