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Eroxon (MED2002): Topical Gel for Erectile Dysfunction

This is a big piece of news in the sexual health sector. Eroxon, a new alternative to Viagra has been announced on 07/Sep/2016.

What is Eroxon or MED2002

Futura Medical

Eroxon is a new topical gel for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Eroxon is a market name for MED2002, a product developed by Futura Medical for the past 15 years. The corporation published a press release on 07/Sep/2016 with clinical study of MED2002.

It has a super fast effect: 54% of studied men noticed difference in their erections in just 5 minutes.

While Viagra is a tablet-based oral drug, the fast effect and topical gel-based usage would make Eroxon a great competitor to Viagra. Medias are now reporting Eroxon as a serious rival to Viagra, the market dominator.

How does Eroxon help erectile dysfunction and, sex

Men with erectile dysfunction often found to have a low level of nitric oxide. It is the essential compound for a natural erection.

Eroxon can form part of sexual foreplay, which is very important for men.

Nitrix oxide has the effect of relaxing muscles surrounding the corpus cavernosa and dilating the penile arteries. This allows the corpus cavernosa to engorge with blood and, following sexual stimulation, a natural erection occurs.

Glyceryl Trinitrate, the major compound in Eroxon, when absorbed into the penile tissue, can be converted to Nitric Oxide. Eroxon is directly applied to the penis and this gives an extra boost to the nitric oxide level.

The headline data from the study indicate that we have a breakthrough ED product that is not only effective but may also combine potentially the world’s fastest speed of onset for an ED treatment with a very favourable safety profile Futura's chief executive James Barder

Where can I buy Eroxon

The company is still releasing more clinical studies and reports of Eroxon over time but they have already compiled a complete strategy to market the product.

Futura Medical tend to licence out the rights to third parties to manufacture the end-user product. At this moment, the corporation has already out-licensed exclusive rights to Quantam Pharma Plc in the UK.

It would takes at least a few months from now to see them on the market. If you are looking for a quick boost immediately, you may want to learn more about VigRX Oil and ProSolution Gel. These are topical gel that can boost your performance very quickly. Both of them come with money back guarantee so they may worth a try. You may also read my review on VigRX Oil.

CSD500 Condom – Silbing of Eroxon

The same company launched a condom with similar compound of Eroxon several years ago. The market name for CSD500 is Zanifil and is now sold as Blue Diamond Condom in the Netherlands and Belgium only. You may want to read this article about CSD500 condom.

blue diamond condom


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