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Bathmate vs SizeGenetics – Which one to use?

Bathmate vs SizeGenetics

Bathmate vs SizeGenetics is a frequently asked question for men who are looking for a penis enlargement device to speed up their gains.

Both Bathmate and SizeGenetics are very popular among the group and they can provide solid, permanent gains to your penis. There are targeting different areas of penis enlargement and you can actually use Bathmate and SizeGenetics together!

What is Bathmate?

Bathmate, and its latest version, HydroXtreme, are penis pumps to increase the size of the penis. The Bathmate penis pump creates permanent penis size gains mostly in Girth.

Bathmate is a water pump that is designed to use during shower or in a bathtub. Each usage session is short (around 15 minutes per day, split into 3 intervals). It is fairly transparent even with color so you can see your penis during pumping (See effects and avoid injury).

Every Bathmate has a fixed cylinder so you have to choose the correct variant with your penis size (Hydromax Xtreme X50, X40, X30 are of different volume).

HydroXtreme 5 HydroXtreme 7 HydroXtreme 9 HydroXtreme 11
Max Erected Length 5 inch  (12.7cm) 7 inch (17.78cm) 8 inch (20.32cm) 9 inch (22.86cm)
Max Erected Girth 1.75 inch (4.44cm) 2 inch (5.08cm) 2.25 inch (5.71cm) 2.5 inch (6.35cm)
Room for Growth 1.5 inch (3.81cm) 1.5 inch (3.81cm) 1.5 inch (3.81cm) 1.5 inch (3.81cm)

The original Bathmate is still available to buy but you should buy the latest Hydromax Xtreme series because it has more power, more comfort to wear and has a better C/P Ratio. Every brand new Bathmate has a 2 year warranty and 60 days money back guarantee.

Visit this page on PEBZ to learn more about Bathmate and Hydromax.

What is SizeGentics?

SizeGenetics is a penis extender that utilize the stretching force to enlarge your penis. SizeGenetics is a FDA approved penis extender device. The primary goal is to increase the penis length with permanent results.

SizeGenetics stretches the penis with a constant traction force throughout the session (3 to 6 hours per day). Gains should be observable in a few weeks to months of continuous sessions. The best thing of using SizeGenetics is the gains in flaccid and erect length are permanent.

The SizeGenetics is available to buy at the official website which comes with a 200% money back guarantee in 4 months. The guarantee is very generous because the team is very confident about SizeGenetics.

Learn more about SizeGenetics

Bathmate vs SizeGenetics

Fast results – Bathmate is no doubt the winner because you can see quick gains shortly after use. You need to use and wait for a few weeks to start seeing solid gains.

Winner for Fast Results: Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme

Increase Girth – The strength of penis pumps is to increase penis girth, so Bathmate is a clear winner

Winner: Bathmate


Increase Length – SizeGenetics is a well known penis extender for increasing penis length, while Bathmate is famous for gaining girth.

Winner: SizeGenetics


Comfort – Both devices pay attention to user comfort. Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme has improved a lot in this area with a comfort insert, and SizeGenetics is well known for the 58way comfort system.

Winner for Comfort: Draw


Guarantee – Bathmate has 2 years warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee. SizeGenetics offers 2 year warranty and 4 months Double money back guarantee. Obviously SizeGenetics is more generous in the money back guarantee section. They are very confident in the extender.

Winnder for Guarantee: SizeGenetics

While each device is better in a specific area, using Bathmate and SizeGenetics in conjunction with penis enlargement exercises like jelqing can improve the effectiveness and achieve faster gains!

Should you use Bathmate or SizeGenetics for penis enlargement?

In my opinion, it really depends on your goal, and your budget. Say you are not worried about the cost of the devices, simply get both because you can get the best from Bathmate and SizeGenetics: Girth and Length.

If your penis is relatively short, then I recommend you to focus at length first. Increasing the length helps you to build up self confidence.

I believe increasing Girth can improve your sex life as women gets stronger sensation through your bigger penis.

After-all, Bathmate and SizGenetics are great penis enlargement devices to own.

Here I paste the links to get the two devices:

Buy Bathmate HydroXtreme

Buy SizeGenetics