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Bathmate Hydromax Pump Review (Hydro, Hydromax, HydroXtreme)

What is Bathmate Hydromax?

Bathmate is the original water pump for penis enlargement. Hydromax is the refresh of Bathmate in 2013 that brought the water penis pump to another level. Bathmate Hydromax are commonly mixed in many other websites. They are actually different products.

Bathmate and Hydromax utilize the vacuum force to draw blood to the penis. After you put your penis into the water-filled chamber, you squeeze out the water and create a partial vacuum within the chamber. Your penis will expand due to the difference in pressure. Blood flows to the penile region from the body and you get a hard rock erection, and a larger penis.

Can Penis Pumps Really Enlarge My Penis?

Yes. Penis pumps are very effective method for penis enlargement. You can see a very fast result in girth gain and you can get a harder erection.

The water has a cushioning effect during suctioning so water pumps are relative safe device to use when compared to air-based penis pumps.

Watch this video to see a real action of penis pumping using Bathmate.

9 Versions of Bathmate Hydromax Water Pumps

Currently, there are actually 9 versions of Bathmate water pumps available on the official website. (You feel complicated? Stay with me, I will make things clear).

These 9 versions varies in tube size(for different penis size), pumping power, and accessories included.

In August, 2018, the Bathmate company has rebranded its lineup to tidy up their products. The old name “Hydromax X-Series X30” and “Hydromax X30 Xtreme” actually create a lot of confusion to people. The new lineup is much more simple and easier to identify.

Hydro series is the basic Bathmate. Hydromax series is the medium level water pump, and HydroXtreme is the best hydro pump from the company.

Original Name New Name after August, 2018
Bathmate Hercules Bathmate Hydro7
Bathmate Goliath (Discontinued) replaced by HydroXtreme11
Hydromax X-Series X20 Hydromax5
Hydromax X-Series X30 Hydromax7
Hydromax X-Series X30 Wide Body Hydromax7 Wide Body
Hydromax X-Series X40 Hydromax9
Hydromax X20 Xtreme HydroXtreme5
Hydromax X30 Xtreme HydroXtreme7
Hydromax X40 Xtreme HydroXtreme9
Hydromax X50 Xtreme HydroXtreme11

Hydro is the Basic. Hydromax is in between. HydroXtreme is the Best

The major difference between Hydro, Hydromax and HydroXtreme is the pumping power. Taking Bathmate Hydro as the base, the Hydromax & HydroXtreme water pumps has 35% more power than Hydro.

Hydromax and HydroXtreme have improved comfort parts and more safety design built-in.

Finally, HydroXtreme comes with full range of accessories for the best comfort, safety and effectiveness.

Which Hydro Pump should you get?

Firstly, choose the Bathmate version

Firstly, you should choose the Bathmate version to get. The Bathmate Hydro7 is really basic, and its pumping power is limited. I don’t think it is a good deal to get Hydro7.

The Hydromax series has a better cost-performance ratio. The pumping power is 135% of the basic Bathmate Hydro7 and it has more improvements on comfort and safety. The price for a Hydromax water pump is US$139 to US$199, depending on the size.

If you have more money to spend, the HydroXtreme series is the best option. It has all the good things about Hydromax, and it comes with all accessories you need. The price for HydroXtreme is US$249 to US$399.

Then pick the Bathmate with your penis size

In the Hydromax series, there are Hydromax5, Hydromax7, Hydromax7 Wide Body and Hydromax9. All of them are the same except the size of the vacuum chamber. It is the same in HydroXtreme.


Choose the Bathmate Size with your penis size

You should get the accessories

The Hydro and Hydromax series is cheaper to buy, but they don’t come with accessories. There are 20 accessory parts to enhance the experience of water pumping:

  1. Measuring Gauge US$14.98
  2. Capsule Case US$46.98
  3. Towel
  4. Shower Strap US$24.95
  5. Cleaning Brush US$14.98
  6. Bathmate Clean US$15.98
  7. Cleaning Kit US$46.98
  8. Max Out US$47.98
  9. Vibe Bullet US$34.98
  10. Power Rings US$9.60
  11. Bathmate Control US$24.98
  12. Vibe Rings US$47.98
  13. Pleasure Lube US$14.98
  14. Limited Edition Vibe Rings (Glow-in-the-dark) US$39.98
  15. Bathmate Trim US$39.99
  16. Cushion Rings US$14.98
  17. Hydrodouche US$64.95
  18. Hydromax Long Insert US$16.98
  19. Replacement comfort pads US$14.98
  20. Replacement value pack US$16

The first 6 items can be bought as a bundle pack in Hydro and Hydromax series, for $110 extra. All the items in the bundle make your pump session more comfortable. I think it is good to get them all.

The measuring gauge ($14.98) and shower strap ($24.95)are must buy items (Total $54.91) and they can be bought separately.  If you are in budget then I think you can just add these two items to cart.

There is no need to buy the bundle pack for HydroXtreme because a full range accessories set is included for the premium package.

From time to time, you may also want to get the Cushion Rings $14.98 for more comfort.

Pros & Cons

Things I like about Bathmate:

  • Fast penis enlargement result
  • Increase penis girth
  • Harder erection
  • Short duration for each session

The bad things:

  • Penis enlargement result is not permanent
  • Using penis pump hardly increase penis length
  • Must use with water
  • Usually have to use during shower
  • You have to keep pumping out water during use to maintain the vacuum

Where to buy Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps?

You should really buy the Bathmate Hydromax pumps from the official website because there are many fake bathmate pumps lately.

Although you can find some cheaper bathmate to buy on Amazon or other online marketplaces, counterfeits are of low quality and increase the risk of injury during use.

I really recommend you to get Bathmate from the official website at The website looks like this screen capture. Make sure you are not going to fake website.

You can try Bathmate Penis Pump for Free with 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

You will get a 60 days money back guarantee buying from the official website. If you want to take advantage of the money back guarantee, you should only buy Bathmate Hydromax pumps from

Official Hydromax Pump Website