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Hi, reader of PEBZ,

My name is Joseph Chan. I’m a Chinese and I do speak Cantonese.

Do you know that Joseph in Cantonese (the pronunciation) has a special meaning? It is not just a name. It also has the meaning of premature ejaculation (as a slang). What a coincidence!

I have a small penis and I was actually a victim of premature ejaculation. To be frank, I don’t really like my name when I was suffering from it. Therefore, I searched over Google for the cures of premature ejaculation in 2009. Since then, I tried a lot of things hoping to cure my problem and get a bigger dick.

After an effort of about 1 year, in 2011, I can now say goodbye to premature ejaculation and I am enjoying my prolonged stamina in bed, that’s really amazing.

There are many information on the web about penis enlargement and other sexual dysfunction. The info are fragmented so it makes us very hard to comprehend. This is the main reason for me to build this website, to aggregate all these valuable information in a neat manner.

This website is segmented into a few categories:

  • Information about penis enlargement exercises
  • Routines for penis enlargement exercises
  • Information about penis enlargement devices
  • Glossary of penis enlargement terms
  • Blog about male enhancement news
  • Articles on general mens health
  • Articles on  male enhancement
  • Articles on better sex tips
    • Sex positions
    • Relationship
    • Girls

While there are some articles published already, I am still writing actively to enrich the site.

I hope readers interested in for penis enlargement can find my website good for his journey, information are displayed nicely and to the depth.

Warm regards,

Joseph Chan.