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9 Tips to Delay Ejaculation & Last Longer in Bed

Do you know the average time for ejaculation is 5.5 minutes, and it ranges from 33 seconds to 44 minutes. If lasting like a pornstar is a dream that is too far from reality, delay ejaculation can be an achievable goal.

No Men want to finish sex quickly.

What makes you cum fast?

Psychological factors

You can be too horny, fear, anxiety, stress, depressed. All these affect your sexual drive and ability to control.


Biological issues

Less commonly, inflammation or infection of the prostate or urethra can also makes you ejaculate too fast.


Physical reasons

Infrequent sexual activity, sensitive penile region or hyperactive reflex affects how long you can last.

There are actually methods to help you last longer in bed. Here I curated a list of ways to delay ejaculation.

9 Methods to Delay Ejaculation

1. Train Your PC Muscle

PC Muscle, also called pelvic floor muscle, supports and control your penis. You use the PC muscle to stop the flow of urination.

Strengthening the PC muscle is very effective to last longer in bed. You gain better ejaculation control. You should regularly train the PC muscle with Kegel Exercise. There is a Kegel exercise routine tailor made for it.

2. Edging

Apart from training the PC muscle, you can also improve your control with Edging exercise.

Edging exercise is a stop-start method which you pause your thrust when you feel it is finishing. Stop completely, take a deep breath and squeeze the PC muscle together to delay the ejaculation.

When the sensation subsides, resume your thrust and enjoy prolonged sex!

You can practice it when you masturbate. Once you get a strong control of ejaculation, you can reach higher climax than before.

3. Squeezing

Squeezing is somehow similar to Edging, but the level of control is lower.

When you are close to ejaculate, withdraw your penis immediately and squeeze the head until the sensation subsides. You can improve it by squeezing the PC muscle together.

However, this is cumbersome, awkward. I personally recommend squeezing PC muscle and edging over squeezing the penis.

4. Masturbate a few hours before sex

After an ejaculation, there is a cooldown period of a few hours (depending your age!). In my experience, the next erection is less sensitive and you can thrust harder and longer without special control.

Combining with PC Muscle control and edging technique, this is my favorite method to last longer in bed.

5 Use local anaesthic gel

However, if the above self-control methods don’t help you much to delay ejaculation, you should really think of using external assistance.

Local anaesthic gel usually use an over-the-counter product called benzocaine. When applied to the penile region, benzocaine can numb the penis so sensitivity is inhibited to a great extent. You last longer in bend but losing some sensation.

More about benzocaine can be read here.

6. Use Thicker condom

If you don’t want to numb your penis, then there are fewer choices remaining.

Using a thick condom can reduce the sensitivity of your penis and it is widely available to buy at stores.

7. Distraction

Take mental breaks to interrupt the sensations. Do complex multiplications in your mind may help.

8. Sex Positions

Some sex positions create deep penetration, but some of them are shallow. Using positions with shallow penetration to act as a resting period during sex can help you last longer.

9. Try something else

Don’t be frustrated if none of the above help you significantly. Sex is more than penetration and how long you last in bed.

Try precotial massage, sex games, or role-play during sex. They arouse sexual drive and bring both of you to climax.

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