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2 Basic Penis Enlargement Exercise You Must Know

If you search for penis enlargement exercises, you can find a lot. Smart and dedicated PE Masters propose and improve penis enlargement methods, and many of them are quite complicated.

We will cover them one by one but for starters, it is easier to do the basic exercises.

1.  Basic Jelqing

Jelqing is the community name of penis enlargement exercise. You stretch your penis with bare hands to different angles and directions, in different reps and sessions, but all of them are variants of the basic jelq.

You will need lubricants for a smoother and easier exercise.

At a semi-erected state, grab your penis at the base (close to the bone) with a OK-signed grip (OK Grip).

Slowly slide out your hand to force the blood move from the base to the tip. This should be done slowly (around 2 seconds).

This basic jelq can improve overall penile health, add gains to both length and girth. There are routines developed base on the basic jelq and some simple variants. Make sure you read the JP90 beginners routine.

2. Kegel

Try to hold your flow of your pee. The muscle you use to stop the urination flow is the pelvic floor muscle (or pubococcygeal muscle, PC Muscle).

Dr. Kegel discovered the training of this muscle so this exercise is named after his name. Doing the Kegel exercise is very important to the overall penile health and helps you last longer in sex.

You can do Kegel exercise anytime but here I have a more detailed routine for kegel exercise.


You can do these basic penis enlargement exercises when you thinks of them, but to achieve the best result, you should really follow a routine. A popular routine for beginners is called JP90 routine. You can read more about JP90 beginner routine on PEBZ.

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