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Hello, Readers of PEBZ

Hello Reader of PEBZ,

This is a website with all the information you love to know about penis enlargement, including the average penis size of men, free & natural methods to get a bigger dick, penis enlargement devices, how to get a harder erection, and more.. I publish posts and articles on various topic related to penis enlargement and better sex from many online communities such as ThundersPlace, PEGYM, MatterOfSize. Please visit the disclosure page for more details.

If you want to get better chance to sleep with girls, or improve your confidence at public places like the gym, this is the place you need.

Now, begin reading. Prepare to please your girl and become a better lover with a supercharged manhood.

Disclaimer: All the information on this website are collected from the internet. Risk is involved in Penis Enlargement so please do risk assessments before trying any PE methods. Most of the contents are curated experiences from other community members and may lack of professional medical advice. Some of the links on this site are affiliate links. If you choose to purchase, I will earn a commission which comes at no additional cost to you. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you enlarging your penis. I have a small penis and I am on penis enlargement routines and I do use devices.

Ladies’ opinion: the Best Penis

Most men are not satisfied with their penis size. Girls, on the other hand, are less concerned about the size of their partner. There are quite a few studies about womens view on penis size. I have made a summary of some of these studies.

In a broader term, a larger penis is always better.

A group of Australian researchers concluded that,

Males with a larger penis were rated as being relatively more attractive.
We found that flaccid penis size had a significant influence on male attractiveness.
Girls care about your size, just to a smaller extent.

A study published in the British Journal of Urology International finds that 85% of the female studied claim that they were satisfied with the penis size of their partner.

This another research published in PLUS ONE journal revealed a more detailed result.

Ok. Now you know the penis size that please girls the most, is your dick big enough?

The Penis Size Fact

Banana Penis Measure

I have collected data from various websites about studies of mens’ penis size. In 2015, there is a penis size study of more than 15000 men, published on BJU International, a Journal for Urology. The table below is a summary of the study.


Penis size has no direct relationship with body size. Foot size, height, finger ratio are not the determining factor for penis length. A tall man with small penis is not rare, and a guy with very large foot can have a 4-inch penis.

In general, studies find that African has the longest penis and Asians have the smallest dick.

Penis Size by Region
Lukas Burk. Penis Size by Region. 2015.

Do You Need Penis Enlargement?

If you penis erect length is shorter than 5 inches, I think you have a stronger need for penis enlargement.

Do You Need Penis Enlargement?

You have Big Penis

Congratulations! You have a big penis! You don’t have much desire to enlarge your penis but, learn skills to perform better on bed! We have a section here for better sex tips. It will cover topics like premature ejaculation, how to last longer, sex positions and girls orgasms.

Make sure you take something away there. Better Sex Tips on PEBZ

Oops, You have small penis.

This is why you are here. Keep reading below. It is just half way of this article.

Things to Know Before You Start Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is doing things on your penis. There is risk involved. You may hurt your penis if you do it incorrectly.

You have to learn a lot of things before performing safe penis enlargement. These include:

  • Concept & theoryabout penis enlargement (PE),
  • Your expectation of effectiveness and progress,
  • Risks involved in penis enlargement,
  • Safety tips,
  • Expected response of your penis
  • Exercise & routines for the best gain,
  • Devices,
  • Injury treatment, and more.

There will be many new phrases when you read the contents in this website. You can visit the glossary page upon meeting new keywords.

I have written an article about penis enlargement facts. It covers some topics in the list above. Please make sure you have read it before starting any PE exercises.

Free, Natural Penis Enlargement Method

Penis Enlargement, like body building and doing gym, can be trained with your bare hands.

Jelq, or jelqing, is the foundation of all penis enlargement exercises. There are a few jelq variants and combining them with a schedule gives a penis enlargement routine. Read more about jelq on this article.

Extra: Stronger Erection & Ejaculation

Kegel is another type of exercise which is a proven method to improve erectile quality. Edging is a technique for stronger erections. Delayed ejaculation is one bonus benefit for practicing Kegel exercise and Edging.

I have written a page about Kegel Exercise and you can read at Kegel Exercise for Men.

Performing manual penis enlargement exercises is generally safe if you follow the routines strictly. If you are not very confident about training on your own, there is coach on penis enlargement at your choice.

PE Coach
Big Al, a famous coach on PE is accepting clients. If you want him to tailor made a good routine for you, you can visit his website.

Penis Enlargement with Devices

If you are new to penis enlargement, you could probably be bombarded by the success stories of using penis enlargement devices. There are  actually free penis enlargement methods, read this section first if you jumped from the beginning.

In short, there are 3 major reasons to use penis enlargement devices.

  1. You reach the limit of a PE workout routine.
  2. You are getting lazy or want to free up your hands
  3. You want to stretch all day (ADS, all-day stretching)
  4. (you may have your own reasons)

There are mainly 3 types of penis enlargement devices:

  1. Extender
    • Focus at increasing length
    • Penis extenders are well designed device that stretch the penis in one direction. The tension levels are controllable by adjusting the parts.
    • SizeGenetics
      is a popular penis extender which gained reputation from its comfort system and the maximum tension offered. You can learn more about the extender from the SizeGenetics official website.
  2. Pumps
    • Good for increasing Girth
    • Penis pumps involves creating a vacuum pressure to facilitate blood flow to the penile region.
    • Penomet
      is an award winning penis pump. Visit the Penomet website.
    • Bathmate
       is a gaining popularity recently for its water pumping action. You can use it in the bath or shower every day. More information about the water pump can be obtained from the Bathmate official website.
  3. Hangers, or Weights
    • Penis hangers works with the gravity – the traction is created by weights that are hung from your penis.
    • Hangers or Weights are advanced stuff. I don’t recommend readers to use unless there is a good reason (you are reaching the limits already)

While performing only penis exercises are good for beginners, advanced users often combine jelqing and devices together.

If you want to learn more about penis enlargement devices, please read this article about Penis Enlargement Devices on PEBZ.

Supplement Pills for Penis

You properly may have seen the “magic” pills adverts. Many of them claim to enlarge your penis up to X inches. It is just too good to be true. If this is real, why do we need PE exercise routines requires commitment in terms of years?

Let’s make it clear. Almost all “penis enlargement pills” cannot offer what they claimed. You can say Scam.

It may be better for “stronger erection pills” and “semen pills” because there are slightly more evidence with the scientific background of the ingredients.

All these penis pills are just male enhancement supplements. The major ingredients of these pills are

  • L-arginine
  • Pomegranate
  • Zinc
  • Yohimbe
  • Horny Goat Weet
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Maca
  • and more..

In my opinion, avoid all penis enlargement pills. If you are looking for a quick fix for better erectile quality, and you have extra money in your pocket, it maybe ok for you to try those “stronger erection pills”.

You can read more about male enhancement pills here.

Final Words

In this frontpage of PEBZ, I covered most topics for penis enlargement in general. You can read more about specific topics in the list below:

Let’s begin penis enlargement!